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HELLO | a little bit about me

Please allow me to introduce myself... My name is Lindsey Lane. I'm an ex third grade math teacher (emphasis on the ex) who stays up late honky tonkin' with my pals. I write songs about other people's lives as well as my own and then perform said songs for people who like to party (and sometimes for squares who don't like to party). It's like therapy but usually more expensive. I have three dogs whose hair is the confetti in my life and a husband whose losing his hair because of me. We're hosting the sweetest human from Kazakhstan until June of 2023 so if I start speaking Russian you can be sure that I have no idea what I'm saying and it's probably spoken incorrectly. I live a life based on spontaneity and Jesus. I like whiskey and it likes me, although I look forward to participating in Sober October this year.🤘🏻 I always wear spanks under my skirt because those baked goods are none of y'all's business. I wash my hair on Sundays and Wednesdays and I sweat more than the average male so I suggest not smelling me. I'll eat anything, but carbs and sugars are my favorite. The artists/music I'm digging right now include Cage the Elephant, Durry, Pokey LaFarge, Nikki Lane, Jackson+Sellers, Roger Miller, and Nicolette Hayford. I have more freckles than most redheads, I have my mom's legs and my dad's ears, and I get botox in my forehead every three months to reduce the stress lines of teaching for 5 years. That's all for now.

Thanks for following along. <3

Lindsey Lane

Singer / Songwriter / Human

Amarillo, Texas

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