ENOUGH | Lindsey Lane

I didn't grow up in a home that was perfectly proper at all times. I wasn't taught to strive for perfection at every turn or adhere to the standards of the Jones'. I was raised to be comfortable with who I am. It never mattered if we had the best house, the coolest car, or name brand clothing. We weren't religious, but we loved Jesus. That was always enough.

I'm 29. For the last 20 years or so I've spent time trying to change. For some reason I felt the need to altar my behavior, thoughts, clothes, actions, likes/dislikes...just to fit in with who I considered "good people"...ya know, those "good ole folk who have their lives sorted out and everything's all prim and proper". At least, that's how they appear to be. The funny thing is, the more I tried to be like them the more I began to realize that I don't like them. They're self righteous and judgmental. They're flat out mean, but justified because of their beliefs or political/professional statuses.

I can't do that anymore.

I'm not saying that you've been getting the fake me this whole time, but you haven't been getting the total me because quite frankly I can be a lot to handle. I've held back because of fear of what others may do/think/say. I'm done playing that game.

I'm a Christian. That's what I consider myself, but perfect I am not and perfect I will never be. I drink whiskey. I like whiskey. Jesus still loves me. I wear sparkly outlandish outfits on stage. I like sparkly outlandish outfits. Jesus still loves me. I write songs about cheatin' and drinkin'. I like songs about cheatin' and drinkin'. Jesus still loves me.

Do you know why?

Because I'm enough.

Who I am, what I am...all of that will always be enough whether the Jones' like it or not.

Lindsey Lane

Singer / Songwriter / Imperfectionist

Amarillo, Texas